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Samsung S9 not good enough in performance test

Anandtech has described Samsung Galaxy S9 benchmark results as ‘Awkward’ after engaging the device in a series of tests. Anandtech has used one of the demo devices that was made available at S9’s launch to carry out this test.


Samsung S9 not good enough in a performance test

The S9’s processor was measured, even though there are no tests carried out on it’s camera to prove its abilities just yet. It has been revealed that the S9 with Exynos 9810 beats its Snapdragon variant. Both versions come behind the Apple X’s A11 and the iPhone7 A10 bionic chip.

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On a single-core GeekBench 4 test, for example, the Exynos 9810 saw integer and floating point scores of 3,724 and 3,440, respectively, well below the 4,630 and 3,958 scores earned by the A11 and under the 4,007 integer score earned by the A10.

On a WebXPRT test that measures HTML5 and JavaScript-based tasks, the iPhone X’s A11 chip scored 352, beating the 178 score earned by the Exynos 9810 and the 291 score earned by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Samsung 2D facial recognition

It has also been said that Samsung can’t compete with Apple yet as regards facial recognition. CNET has made it know that the Samsung S9 and the Samsung S9+ continue to use a 2D facial and iris recognition system that can’t compare to the security of Apple’s 3D face scanning technology.


Samsung S9 / S9+ and the S8 can be deceived by photos. Samsung has used the biometric fingerprint system to supplement its security while Apple has dropped the biometric.

We can only hope the S9 gets better in the real-life test.

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