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Samsung To Launch Galaxy S10; Codenamed ‘Beyond’

It’s just a few weeks after the launch of the Samsung flagship device, the Galaxy S9 and already there are rumours regarding the release of the next flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S10; codenamed “Beyond

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors; Codenamed ‘Beyond’

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could make its way to the MWC 2019 according to the rumours coming from South Korea. According to Thebell’s report, the name S10 codename ‘Beyond’ has been chosen because the S10 will offer a host of features we’ve never seen in a Samsung phone.

There are still no clear details of this rumoured device, although rumours have already been advancing some of the features that we could find in the Samsung Galaxy 10 by 2019 like FOD (Fingerprint on display).

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We all know the S9 didn’t get much of a change from its predecessor, the Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 may not get many changes as well. According to rumours, Samsung S10 could integrate the fingerprint reader under the screen and 3D facial recognition, as well as a 5.8-inch Infinity Display for the S10(up from 5.77 inches on the S9) and 6.3 inches for the S10+ (up from 6.22 inches on the S9 Plus).

In terms of pricing, I guess you know how Samsung goes around with their devices. Let me give you a reminder, the Galaxy S7 officially starts launched at £569, the S8 at £689 and the S9 at £739. So, you tell me what we should be expecting from the S10.

We’re hoping Samsung will make the device affordable and Galaxy S10 is expected to follow in its incumbent’s footsteps and launch in the first quarter of 2019.

So, what do you think about this new device? tell us in the comments.

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