SyntaxDB — A Perfect Programming Syntax “Search Engine” For Coders

SyntaxDB allows users to quickly look up syntax for programming languages. SyntaxDB is designed for programmers who often need to do a Google search for their syntax needs. SyntaxDB’s goal is to one day become the world’s fastest programming reference.

search engine

The website’s home page is very simple and plain. You just need to enter a language or a concept, and it starts showing relevant suggestions. As soon as you hit enter, a search result page is shown to address your query.
Once you click on a concept, you are shown a small definition and syntax along with some related notes and examples. In the right sidebar, there are links to the official documentations for more help.
search engine
Currently, SyntaxDB supports 9 languages — Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, and Go.
In future, the website plans to provide more plugins for code editors and increase the size of the database and the number of programming languages.

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