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The Xaiomi Foldable Smartphone Looks Great (First Look)

One of the trends we’re looking forward to seeing in the smartphone space 2019 is foldable phones. 2018 has been a stepping stone for manufacturers, we’ve seen new development in the smartphone space like in-display fingerprint, slider screens, 4-5 camera setup and of course huge RAM memory. Samsung showcased a prototype of it’s foldable phone November last year and we’ve also seen Flexipai foldable phone which is already in the Chinese market.

There has been reports of Apple and several other manufacturers too working on a foldable phone and Xiaomi won’t just sit back and watch as well. There has been rumors of Xiaomi working on a folder phone earlier this year and now Xiaomi’s co-founder and president Lin Bin, has confirmed the company is already working on its very own foldable device and the way I see it, the device isn’t good for me, I may end up folding it into a non repairable state.😂

Xiaomi foldable phone

Comparing the alleged foldable smartphone from Xiaomi with Samsung’s prototype, you’ll agree with e that the Xiaomi foldable looks more presentable,  may be wrong though. See Samsung’s foldable phone video below.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone can be folded both sides, turning the tablet interface into one hand smartphone. You’ll get a curvy edge when both folded portions are no longer in use, giving you  full egde-to-edge display.

Samsung foldable phone

For now, there are no tech details of the device, and the name is unknown as well but the year has just begun, there is a whole lot more to be uncovered as we step further into the depth of 2019.

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