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Top 5 Benefits Of A Rooting Your Android Device

There are so many benefits to a rooted phone. It unlocks so many possibilities to a device and enhances device performance. You may think rooting is not necessary, or u are probably just scared of the process. But, you’ll be surprised how much more you can do with a rooted phone. With your phone root, you will experience better performance, you can install custom ROMs, install apps which you cannot use in a non-rooted phone like wifi kill, luck patcher, tether unlocker, droidwall etc.

Although rooting your smartphone is cool, but there are also some disadvantages of rooting. Like your phone warranty will no longer be valid. But there are so many merits than demerits to a rooted phone.

Benefits of a rooted android device

One of the fun aspect of using an Android smartphone is the ability to root/h@ck the phone. If you happen to be new to the rooting world, you’ll come across a lot of keywords which you probably would never have heard of as a regular Android smartphone user, but, you’re not completely in the dark, you should see these android terms and their meaning. Now, lets see the top 5 benefits of rooting an Android phone

1. Optimize Your Speed and Battery Life with Root

smartphone battery how to charge

You can simply optimize up your device battery life with root feature on your phone and you can increase its speed too. Installing SetCPU on your phone is rooted device will also boost your device functionalties. Once your device is rooted, you’ll notice your phone’s standby will be so longer than it was unrooted.

2. Use Of Custom ROMs

Top 5 Benefits Of A Rooting Your Android Device

You have all heard names, like Paranoid Android, LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod), and MIUI, to name just a few of the most popular ones. Several custom ROMs are offering significant features which you won’t find elsewhere. For example, you have Samsung Galaxy 9 and you’d like to get the new Samsung galaxy note 9.

But now you don’t just have enough money to get the device, installing a Custom ROM to your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at this time would serve you better. The benefit of this of installing a custom ROM is, you can get all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 right on your Galaxy S9 and your phone looks just like galaxy note5. All custom ROMs devs try as much as possible to keep ROMs updated to the latest version of Android when due, bringing you the best of both worlds.

3. Blocking Popup Ads in any in-app on your device

Top 5 Benefits Of A Rooting Your Android Device

Ads which will likely slow you down while operating and consume a little more of your data can be avoided when you have root access.

Rooting can also disable in-app Ads on your device. After you must have rooted your device, install Adfree to block all Ads, this app runs best went a device is rooted. Ads can also be frozen using “lucky Patcher” app. The Adblocking process will be performed on your device smoothly. There are many other adblocking apps other there which you can install on your device but lucky Adfree/patcher is too good for this.

4. Take Real backups

Top 5 Benefits Of A Rooting Your Android Device

Titanium Backup is one of the most used and popular systems file backup app. Any type of data on your rooted devices can be backed up with this app. Backups also serve as a safety net just in case you messed up with your phone or you uninstalled some important apps which ought to remain on your phone. Taking Backups is very important on every smartphone. Titanium Backup can also be used to back up personal data o phone.

Using a custom recovery is another great means of taking backup on a rooted phone. It is the most secured mean of taking backup and recovering your device from any unstable state which might have been caused by either modifying your Android system core files or uninstalling a core system app.

5. Unlock Hidden Features

Installing custom recoveries enables you to flash a custom ROM which we mention earlier and also you can install many other mod through it.e.g sound MOD, Performance MOD etc. You can also install xposed framework to unlock cool customization features in which you’ll find hundreds of xposed module out there to beautify your device.

So why not root your device today and explore posibilties more than you can ever imagine.



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