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Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone In 2020

Smartphone, as we all know, has become important in our everyday life. Smartphones are not just for receiving, making calls or just text messages anymore, they have made their ways into offices and businesses in such a way that makes it easier for everyone to perform various tasks on the go even without PCs and Laptops.

One of the best innovations that we’ve seen on smartphones over the years is the camera, this has made life a lot easy for so many individuals.

There was a time when video content creators can only make good quality videos only by getting a good camera but now with a smartphone, you can make 4k resolution videos, cool isn’t it?. With all that said, it’s also important to give our smartphone proper maintenance in other to avoid damages whatsoever. Some common damages include a broken touchpad, screen, case which often occur due to accidental drops, colliding with hard substance etc.

So, if you’re looking to buy a new phone in 2020, check out some of the best smartphones under 50k in Nigeria and if you already got one, here are the top 5 things to do after buying a new smartphone.

Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone

Depending on the smartphone you buy, the price for fixing a broken touchpad or screen and even the case differs. Whether you’re using an expensive phone or a low price phone, it’s important to keep it in form. A broken touchpad, screen or case do not give a phone an attractive look, this is why it’s good to add extra protection to the phone to prevent such damages. Below is the list of best things to do after purchasing a new smartphone in 2019.

1. Use Phone Holder For Hand/Smartphone Ring Stand Holder

Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone In 2019

Cell Phone Holder or Ring comes in different forms and personally I prefer the two type in the above image. Why it is good to use a phone holder or ring stand holder is because it lets you keep a firm hold of your smartphone if you’re an accidental type of person. With this phone attachment, your phone doesn’t get to slip from your hand by mistake except the holder is not properly attached to your device. The phone holder prevents your phone from falling off your hand accidentally when holding it up watching a movie or you mistakenly ran into someone while holding it.

Doing these will save your phone from scratches and broken body. You can get some good phone holder on retails stores like Jumia or Konga at affordable rates.

2. Use A Screen Protector

Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone In 2019

Just as the name implies, screen protectors add an extra layer to your screen surface, thereby giving it additional protection. However, smartphone screens have become tougher and scratch resistance has improved thanks to Corning’s Gorilla Glass. According to Corning glassmaker, the latest Gorilla Glass 6 can survive multiple drops up to 15X from a 3.28feet height, however, not all Smartphones uses this new glass technology and even though the Gorilla glass is tough, it’s not 100% scratch resistance.

Having several scratches on your screen makes it look pretty rough and this why you need a screen protector. There are several types of screen protectors you can choose from, we have the Polyethylene Terephthalate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane screen protector which are made of plastic and very cheap but offers less impact protection.

There’s also the Tempered glass which a lot of you guys I guess is familiar with. Unlike the plastic-type screen protector, this offers tougher scratch resistance and drop protection and also not expensive. If you’re looking to buy one, I strongly recommend a tempered glass.

3. Use Phone Cases

Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone In 2019

The body of your phone is as important as the screen, you don’t want to carry a clean screen around with a broken body, they both compliment the appearance of each other. There are many types of phone cases you can choose from ranging from 360 phone cases, silicon cases, bumper case etc. You’ll even find customized phone cases which are awesome and Luminous Glow in the dark phone cases too (luminous phone cases)

Phone cases don’t cover the whole body, the screen is left out of course. A lot of time people mistake phone pouch for a phone case, they’re not the same and that’s what I’ll be talking about in the next paragraph.

Phone cases protect the back and edges of a phone living the screen out but since you already have a screen protector in place, you should not worry about any serious damages if your phone falls down accidentally.

4. Use Phone Pouch

Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone In 2019

Unlike phone cases, the pouch can also be regarded as a small purse for cell phones.  While cases are worn on the body of phones, you simply insert the phone into a pouch. This covers the entire smartphone and can also protect it from scratches or a broken body. If your smartphone body is made of glass like the Apple iPhone, this can help reduces internal stress that may cause the glass to shatter.

Phone pouch comes in cotton type and leather, you can choose from a wide range of style depending on your preference. I recommend you go for leather pouches though.

5. Use SmartWatches

Top 5 Things To Do After Buying A New Smartphone In 2019

Smartwatches are one of the most used gadgets today, it is often used for health purposes, like tracking heartbeat, fitness level etc. However it also comes handy in terms preventing your phone from accidental falls. With the help of smartwatches, you can simply pick a phone call and reply text messages, saving you the stress of reaching to your pocket to bring out your phone and in the process, it mistakenly slipped off your fingers and kiss the floor.

You can also see your social media notification and watch YouTube on the go with smartwatches, this way your phone gets to stay safe in your purse or pocket. Check out some good smartwatch on Amazon, Jumia or Konga.

Following the above-stated tips will keep your phone clean as new, it not magic, just by using these smartphone add-ons, you can prevent some future accidents. I’ve ready replaced my screen protector twice and the body is still good as new.

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So, what do you think about my top 5 things to do after buying a new smartphone in 2020? Share your view and thoughts below and if you have any other tips, kindly state them in the comment box. Cheers.


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