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Watch Interesting IG Videos On WhatsApp With New Picture in Picture Feature

You can now see videos from external social media sites when chatting on WhatsApp. Just in case you didn’t get it the first time, you will be able to see YouTube videos on WhatsApp directly all thanks to the WhatsApp picture in picture feature. This has to be really cool, right?. WhatsApp picture in picture ( PIP ) allows another picture (video in this case) to lay over another display in such a way that one doesn’t obstruct the other.

That means that you wouldn’t have to exit WhatsApp to see a video online if you have the link. Before this interesting feature was rolled out, you could either copy the video link sent to you, take it to a browser and watch. You could also just tap on the link, while WhatsApp offers you a list of browsers to ‘open link with’. Two months ago, the picture in picture ( PIP ) feature rolled out to the beta testers but now, the feature has encroached to mainstream WhatsApp.

I can recall that in the early days, when Android 8.0 Oreo had not made its way, picture in picture wasn’t so common on Android. And then we had Samsung launch some few devices that could use the picture in picture to see multimedia clips in WhatsApp. And talking about WhatsApp itself, picture in picture is not entirely alien to the Mark Zuckerberg’s property. It already has a picture in picture feature in its video calling.

You must have noticed that WhatsApp video call becomes little sized that you can do other things on your phone just by pressing the back button.

Whatsapp picture in picture feature has been available since early 2018 ( iOS ) but it has just made it’s the way to Android. WhatsApp does not also support video links from just a website, it only supports popular social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

I really like this feature because of the convenience it brings. Saves us the stress of closing one app and opening the other to see a video, which can also affect phones performance as opening new apps will eat up the RAM space. Update WhatsApp now via play store to enjoy this feature now.

What Else Is In The WhatsApp 2.18.380 Update?

WhatsApp through WAbetainfo has announced that it would be restricting forwarded messages to just 5 users at once. In the quest of reducing spam and fake news, WhatsApp is limiting forwarded messages from 20 to 5 users. The last time out, WhatsApp added a forwarding label to forwarded messages so that the recipients will be aware that such message was forwarded. Its number of people you can send messages too has dropped.

While this is a nice way of curbing fake news, a lot of people think it would be stressful to send messages to lots of people at once especially in a Christmas period like this. Do you share their view as well?

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