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We Are Bringing To You A Rollable Phone – LG

LG is set to own all the headlines after taking the back sit for so long. As telephones and ICT keep evolving, it is perfectly normal for the brands that introduce the trends to take the spotlight. LG has hinted that it will be producing a rollable phone. After introducing a rollable TV, the company’s top executive went on to boast about a rollable smartphone. He made it known that the rollable TV tech will be replicated and experimented with while something big might be in our faces sooner that later.

LG hasn’t pioneered any trend in the mobile world but you wouldn’t be disappointed with this one. The CTO of the Korean electronics company confirmed in an interview that the company is experimenting with rollable and foldable phones.

In his words, “We are exploring many different form factors for phones, including foldable and rollable,” LG CTO IP Park said.
“Because display technology has grown so much that it can make it into very flexible form factors. And with 5G, if the market requires much bigger screens, we’ll need to fold it or roll it. So we’ll explore.”

A Rollable Device Will Form A 360° Bend

While a foldable device will reshape into two halves like from a tablet into a 5-6 inches phone, a rollable device will take a cylindrical shape. It should fit into the palm of your hands like a relay baton. So we hope to see something in the form of a big sausage roll 😁.

The Korean manufacturers have been experimenting for a while which has led to a lot of progress as the company revealed it’s rollable OLED TV set at CES 2019. As things stand, it’s still a fairly level playing ground for all manufacturers even though some looks ahead of other. Royale’s bendable flexipai already launched but is only available in China while Samsung is just getting set to launch its own device, there’s still room for an overhaul from other brands.

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