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WhatsApp Co-founder Says It’s Time To Delete Facebook

As Facebook continues to swing in controversial waters, things didn’t get funnier. In the midst of all the pressure and uncertainty facebook has found its self in the last few days, a Co-founder of Whatsapp, Brian Acton says ‘it’s time. #deletefacebook’.

WhatsApp Co-founder Says Its Time To Delete Facebook

Just some few weeks ago, Blackberry sued facebook and now On Wednesday, March 21, Brian tweeted ‘its time, #deletefacebook’. This tweet comes up after some serious scandal over data privacy affecting over 50 million Facebook users. According to reports, political data analytics company, Cambridge Analytica has been involved in some misuse of personal data of the social media without permission.

Cambridge Analytica got the data from the creator of a quiz taken by 270,000 Facebook users. The quiz creator passed the data to Cambridge Analytica against Facebook policy. Facebook knew about the data leak back in 2015. But the public only learned after reports in the New York Times and Observer over the weekend.

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In a broadcast by Britain’s Channel 4 News on Monday, senior executives at Cambridge Analytica, including its CEO Alexander Nix, on camera suggested the firm could use sex workers, bribes and misinformation to try and help political candidates win votes around the world. The allegations have caused concerns over whether such data was then used to try and influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the Brexit vote.

Here’s Why To Think So;

Cambridge Analytica is funded in large part by Robert Mercer. A man who donated money to President Trump’s election campaign, helped the Trump campaign target political ads on Facebook. But the firm says it did not use any data gained from manipulating facebook on the campaign. Facebook and Analytica have both denied any wrongdoing.

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Should Facebook worry ?

U.S senators have urged Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress about how the social media will protect users.

Meanwhile, in the U.K, Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned by the chairman of a parliamentary committee in order to explain the “catastrophic failure” to lawmakers.

This might help acton plot against facebook and in favour of his new Social platform. Since Brian has left Facebook to start up his company ‘Signal’ he becomes a threat. Signal is a messaging platform known for its emphasis on security and privacy. He recently invested about 50 million dollars it and could be looking to overhaul facebook by capitalizing on this flaws.

The head of the European Parliament has also said it will carry out an investigation to see whether data was misused.

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