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WhatsApp Will Soon Add Fingerprint Authentication For Additional Security

Ever since Fingerprint sensor arrived on smartphone, the level of security on smartphone has improved and app have become even more secured, especially apps that has to do with personal data such as banking apps, wallets etc. Thanks to fingerprint authentication, anyone who tries to use any off your app behind you will have to verify fingerprint, which mean even if the person is able to guess your password, he/she can’t guess your fingerprint and won’t be able to finalize the intended transaction.

WhatsApp To Use Fingerprint Authentication Security

Now, however, the Facebook-owned messaging app which has become home to so many will now be using a new authentication feature to launch. I’m talking about no other than the well known WhatsApp messenger. With this new development, your WhatsApp will become even more secure and no intruder can invade your privacy.

According to the latest report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for Android is testing new features in the coming version 2.19.3 update and the update is most likely to add a new authentication feature (fingerprint authentication) to open up the app. The new feature will reside in the Privacy section in the app and will require users to authenticate whenever during launch either using the aop icon,  notifications or external pickers.

Latest Whatsapp update

This new feature will not only protect your individual chats but the entire app itself and in case the app fails to recognize the fingerprint of the users, it will require the device credentials to open up the app.

The new authentication feature is still in the initial stage and will eventually launch in the coming update after the final improvements and changes.

Additionally, WhatsApp could also be getting a standalone section for audio files, tagged the Audio Picker. This will  allow sharing of audio files a lot easier for users. WhatsApp supports sharing of media files as we already know but sharing of media files can be a little “stressful” as you need to go through the gallary/file manager to locate a media files to be sent. But now, WhatsApp is looking at having an audio files segment to allow quick navigation when you’re trying to send an audio document to a friemd or group. Also, users will be able to hear the audio before sending it and will be able to send multiple audio files at once.

Latest Whatsapp update

Lastly, the update will add general improvements and bug fixes.

While it’s not sure whether the new development will appear in the next update, we’re expecting to see it in the near future.

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