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How To Check Your Airtel Number in 2021 Using USSD

How to check your Airtel number? Many Airtel users especially new subscribers ask this question more often when they haven’t memorized their mobile number. Checking your own number on Airtel is not rocket science as you can easily know your Airtel number just by dialling a simple USSD code on your mobile phone. In this article, you’ll learn how to check your mobile number on Airtel.

Airtel is the third-largest telecom company in Nigeria. They offer one of the cheapest data plans, calls and SMS rate and from time to time introducing new amazing deals to make life easier for their subscribers. Now in 2021, you can still get data for as low as NGN200 for 1GB on Airtel, NGN300 for 1.5GB, NGN500 for 2GB and NGN1000 for 4GB of data.

How To Check Airtel Number With USSD Code

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to give someone your phone number and can’t provide it or maybe you have more than one SIM and you don’t have airtime or your Airtel SIM pack nearby to check your number. Continue reading below to know how to check Airtel numbers using USSD code.

Steps To Check Your Airtel Number

For new Airtel subscribers, it might take some time to memorize your mobile number and you carrying your SIM pack around isn’t such a great idea so you don’t misplace it. Your SIM pack is very important in case you ever lost your SIM, you’ll need some information on it to retrieve it.

So, follow the simple steps below to know your Airtel number.

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How To Check My Airtime Number

  1. To check your Airtel number, simply dial the USSD code: *121# on your phone. You’ll get a list of option displayed on your phone’s screen.Screenshot 20210408 171929 1617914499148
  2. Reply with 3 (Manage My Account) in the message box and tap ok. You’ll get another list of options on your screen.Screenshot 20210408 171952 1617914305549
  3. On the new screen, reply with option 4 (My Number) and your phone number will be displayed on the next message popup.Image 57184

You can now put down your number or save it as a contact on your device. The method of checking your Airtel phone number is very easy, straight forward and fast.

Call A Friend Or Family To Get Your Number

Alternatively, if you have some airtime on your SIM, you can call a friend or a family to get your number. When you call your friend or your family, your number will be displayed on their phone’s screen, they can then put down the number somewhere and call it out to your or send it as a text if they’re not nearby.

Get Your Airtel Number Using Airtel Beep Call Service

If you have another phone number, you can send a beep call to that number or friends number to get your phone number. The beep call service will flash the other number and will appear as a miss call on the number. You can then copy your number from the call log.

To send a beep call, simply dial the phone number your want to flash and add a double asterisk at the end of the number. E.g 080xxxxxxxx** and send.

This is one of the best ways to quickly check your Airtel number.

Call Airtel’s Customer Care Service To Get Your Number

While this can take a lot of time, it is also an option you can consider. You can speak with an Airtel customer care representative and ask for your phone number.

To speak with an Airtel customer care agent, dial 111 or 112 on your phone and select the speak to an agent option to connect with a customer care agent.

Make sure you have a note and pen with you to write down the phone number as the customer care representative call it out to you. You can also request the number to be sent to you as text, this way you’ll receive your 11-digit phone number as a text message as soon as your end the call with the customer care agent.

How To Check Your Airtel Number: Wrapping Up

That’s it, these are the several ways in which you can check your Airtel phone number using USSD code. Also, don’t forget to link your NIN number to your Airtel line to avoid being disconnected and if you find this article on how to check your Airtel number helpful, kindly use any of the social media buttons below to share with your friends and family.


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