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WhatsApp To Add In-App Dialer, But Do You Need It?

WhatsApp is Testing a New In-app Dialer Feature.

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new in-app dialer feature that will allow users to make calls easily within the app without saving contact numbers on their devices. The new dialer feature is already rolling out to some beta testers as reported by WABetaInfo and will be accessible through a floating dialer icon in the call section of the app. While the new feature is part of Meta’s effort to improve the app experience, it raises the question: is this feature actually needed?

WhatsApp in-app dialer will function similarly to the default dialer app on your smartphone. However, instead of using the traditional cellular network for calls, it will use internet data. While the in-app dialer sounds promising, it appears to have limitations in its functionality.

WhatsApp In-App Dialer

Before now, if you wanted to call a contact who uses WhatsApp you needed to save them on your device for them to show up on the app. This has been working fine. From my experience, the only time we actually need to save a contact to reach them later on WhatsApp is when we know that contact. You may be trying to reconnect with a long-time friend, for business or personal reasons.

In our opinion, the dialer feature might be welcomed by some users as it will allow them to make calls without the need to switch the default dialer app on their device. It is good for a one-time call; say you want to quickly call someone that you don’t feel the need to save their contact. You can also save contacts directly on your device through the in-app dialer. All this, however, is only useful when the contact you’re trying to reach is on the WhatsApp platform as well plus they have to be connected to create a connection.

Despite the potential benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider: When you need to save a contact and you’re not already on WhatsApp, you will need to open the app, then switch to the dialer, tap on the dialer icon to finally bring out the dialer to type the number and save. This process is time-consuming and cumbersome as opposed to the default dialer where you just tap to open the app, dial the number and then save.

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For now, the feature is still in its earlier stage so, we can’t tell what will be added before the final release. WhatsApp is already a great platform for end-to-end messaging and calling. However, while the in-app dialer offers some convenience, its overall usefulness remains questionable. The feature is currently limited to selected beta users on version of the beta release and will be rolling out to more users in the coming weeks.

As WhatsApp continues to develop this feature, it will be interesting to see how they address the current drawbacks and limitations. What do you think? Will this new feature enhance your WhatsApp experience, or is it an unnecessary addition?


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