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How To Check Glo balance?

How to check Glo balance? This is a question that is being asked many times by Glo subscribers. Due to Glo’s unique choice of code, some subscribers especially the new ones don’t know how to check their Glo balance.

Unlike other telecom operators in Nigeria, Glo has chosen not to use the conventional *[unique code]# former but rather go with a unique #[unique code]#.

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For other network subscribers asking how to check balance, Glo’s unique code format might seem strange, however, for Glo subscribers it is rather usual. I myself can remember searching through the net multiple times for how to check Glo balance.

How To Check Glo Balance

Checking your Glo balance is quite easy and straight forward. You only need to take a few steps which will not even take you up to 5 seconds.

This article will be strictly based on how to check airtime and data balance on your Glo number via SMS and USSD.

How To Check Glo Airtime Balance

Checking your Glo airtime balance might be the easiest task ever as it can be accomplished using a simple USSD code or via Glo Cafe mobile app.

Steps To Check Glo Airtime Balance

To check your Glo airtime balance, simply dial the USSD: #124#

Your available balance will be displayed along with other service information. In case your balance is not displayed immediately as a pop-up, you’ll see a notification telling you that your available balance will be sent to you as text message.

How To Check Glo Data Balance

If you want to check your Glo data balance, you can get it using SMS, USSD or the Glo Cafe mobile app.

Steps To Check Your Glo Data Balance Using SMS

To check your Glo data balance using SMS, Text “INFO” to 127. Once the message has being successfully sent, you’ll receive a response SMS containing you active data balance and expiration date.

Steps To Check Your Glo Data Balance Using USSD

To check your Glo data balance using USSD code, simply dial *127*0#. Using this USSD, a prompt containing your available data balance will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can check your Glo data balance using *777# and then selecting the corresponding code to manage data. A response text containing all necessary details concerning your internet subscription will be received.

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So, that’s everything on how to check Glo balance. If you find this article helpful, kindly use any of the social media button below and share with friends and family.



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